Alien: Covenant Prologue Released on Alien Day

During my quest to find a fun topic for you readers today, I discovered that yesterday (4/26) was in fact “Alien Day”. The day was apparently chosen to match the numbers in LV-426, and yesterday you all should have wished someone “Happy LV426 Day” (spoilers — I totally didn’t, but in my defense I was also out of the loop). For all of my fellow peers that were also out of the loop, LV-426 (Acheron) is a satellite orbiting the ringed planet Calpamos in the binary star system Zeta Reticuli, 39 light-years from Sol. This system is also apparently home to a colony of Xenomorphs, one of the most dangerous parasitic lifeforms in our galaxy.

The video released recently is called “The Crossing”, and it’s a two-minute video that is being referred to as an official prologue short of what to expect in upcoming movie Alien: Covenant. The short, shows a huge connection between this movie and Ridley Scotts Prometheus that premiered in 2012. It picks up at the ending of Prometheus with crew members Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, Noomi Rapace, and android David, Michael Fassbender. They are the last two Prometheus survivors and are now on an abandoned engineer ship. Shaw manages to repair David, and the short portrays him chillingly recounting the events of those early days on the ship. Note: this short video does contain spoilers to movie Prometheus.

This new chapter in Ridley Scott’s universe will be coming to you in theaters May 19, 2017. If you enjoyed the thrilling & chilling story of Prometheus, this is one to make sure you see in theaters. There is just something about aliens attacking the big screen that can’t be replicated at home. Check out the full trailer below for Alien: Covenant!


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