90s Cult TV Classic ‘Twin Peaks’ Returns on Showtime

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The original Twin Peaks first aired in 1990 on ABC and gained a dedicated an loyal audience. ‘Twin Peaks’ premiere brought in nearly 35 million viewers, but only went on for two seasons. The series was set in a small Washington state town of Twin Peaks and focused on FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper investigation on the town. Agent Cooper was called to investigate a woman’s death, as it was found washed up on a beach near the small town. Throughout the investigation Cooper uncovers a web of mystery that ultimately leads him deep into the heart of the surrounding woodland and his very own soul.


(Twin Peaks Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 Revival)


Although the show ended the second season in 1991, Showtime Networks decided to bring the show back more than 25 years later. Some things about the series won’t change because the original ‘Twin Peaks’ co-creator David Lynch is back to write and produce the revival. The production also returned to shoot in Washington, the fictional setting and actual shooting location of the original ‘Twin Peaks’.  Original cast members will also be coming back including Madchen Amick, Peggy Lipton, the late Miguel Ferrer, Kimmy Robertson, Harry Goaz and Michael Horse. Yet, there are plenty of new big stars that will join the cast such as Michael Cera, Jim Belushi, Laura Dern, Amanda Seyfried and many other newcomers.


The 2017 version of Twin Peaks returned to the small screen over the weekend and only brought in 506,000 viewers. This is definitely a major difference from the 35 million viewers attracted to the show in the 90s. In the world we live in today there are tons of TV shows that focus crime, horror, mystery and investigation. The question is will the new Twin Peaks remain a Cult TV Classic? Only time will tell, and the revival series has a total of 18 hours for the first season.


Check out the trailer for Twin Peaks Revival below





If you enjoyed the trailer, catch Twin Peaks Sundays 9pm ET/PT on Showtime!


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