8 Horror Movie Facts You Won’t Believe

Some stories are just meant to be made into horror movies. Check out these horror movie facts that are guaranteed to scare your socks off.

1. The Ring

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This movies includes flashes at the beginning and end that you might think are just creepy… until you slow them down and watch them in slow motion and release they show you the entirety of the tape in the story. You’ll have to slow it down enough to watch it frame by frame to catch the whole thing, then you’ll probably wish you hadn’t.

2. Texas Chainsaw Masacre
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Remember that human skeleton at the end of the movie? It’s authentic. It was purchased in India especially for the movie.

3. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

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Gary Oldman reportedly whispered something in each actor’s ear just before filming the scene where the bat flies away. No one knows what was said, but it sufficiently horrified each actor enough to get a genuine expression from each for the scene. What could he have possibly said?

4. Hellraiser

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The cast had never seen Doug Bradley out of his Pin Head makeup and didn’t recognize him at the cast party. Now that’s some scary-good makeup skills.

5. Paranormal Activity

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This film so was so creepy, it freaked out Stephen Spielberg and he had to wait to finish it in the morning. Actors were not given a script, just general guidelines, so the whole thing unravelled naturally and spontaneously in all its creepy glory.

6. Hostel

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The hostel where the movie was filmed was known for its history of violence and was so scary, they played chamber music during the filming to calm the cast and tone down the setting.

7. Poltergeist

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Seven year old Heather O’Rourke came unglued during the filming of the scene where she clung to the headboard while being sucked into the poltergeist and filming had to stop until they could calm her down. Talk about authentic.

8. Psycho
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In the original script, Norman Bates was a squat, unattractive, middle aged man. But Hitchock changed it up by casting a younger man. I think his choice added a certain extra level of creepiness.

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