5 Free Family Movies to watch this weekend!

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If you are looking for the perfect reason for family time this weekend, OVGuide has your back! Today, we are featuring 5 Free Family Movies that will bring your family together to laugh, smile and relax. Check them out below.

Free Family Movies

Sophie and Sheba
Sophie and Sheba
Sophie’s parents are forced to sell Sheba, the elephant, to a circus in order to afford the tuition for Sophie’s ballet school. When Sophie discovers this she abandons her dreams of becoming a dancer in order to get Sheba back.
Breakaway An ethnic Canadian hockey player with disapproving parents and a dead end job, Rajveer has dreams of making it to the NHL. With the help of a former pro-player, he tries to win the biggest tournament of the year with an all Indian team!
Aussie & Ted’s Great Adventure¬†

Aussie & Ted's Great Adventure
Aussie, a lovable Australian mutt, embarks on a mission to return his young owner’s missing Teddy Bear. On their journey, the two form an unlikely bond and must trust each other to make their way home and out of harm’s way
Angel in the House
Foster Struggling to adopt a child and unable to conceive one of their own, the Morrison family is in need of a miracle. However, their luck changes for the better when a seven year-old boy unexpectedly shows up at their door.
Country Remedy
Country Remedy In order to secure the position of Head of Pediatrics at a top Chicago hospital, a young, highly accomplished pediatrician agrees to spend a summer setting up a clinic in a small town in the North Carolina mountains.

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