15 Worst Superhero Movies According to Rotten Tomatoes

Not every movie is a winner, and for years movie lovers have depended on the Rotten Tomatoes rating to decide which movies to skip. How many of these rotten superhero movies have you seen?

15 Worst Superhero Movies

15. Green Lantern (2011)

Green Lantern 2011


14. Fantastic Four (2005)

Fantastic Four 2005


13. Blade Trinity (2004)

Blade Trinity 2004



12. Spawn (1997)

Spawn 1997


11. Judge Dredd (1995)

Judge Dredd 1997


10. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2005)

League of Extraordinary Gentleman 2003


9. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)



8. The Spirit (2008)



7. Howard the Duck (1986)



6. R.I.P.D. (2013)

R.I.P.D. 2013


5. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)



4. Jonah Hex (2010)



3. Batman & Robin (1997)



2. Elektra (2005)



1. Catwoman (2004)




I’ve seen 12 of these, and Howard the Duck was my brother’s favorite movie in the 80s and we watched it at least once a day for close to a year until the VCR tape “mysteriously” broke. I had nothing to do with it. I swear. ūüôā

Watch These 15 Rotten Superhero Movies Online


1. CATWOMAN (2004)
Watch CATWOMAN (2004) Online Catwoman is a 2004 American superhero film directed by Pitof Comar and stars Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt, Lambert Wilson, Frances Conroy and Alex Borstein. The film is loosely based on the DC Comics character of the same name, who is traditionally an anti-heroine and love interest of the superhero Batman. The film was panned by film critics due its poor acting, directing and divergence from the source material, with some regarding it as one of the worst films ever made. The film was also a box office bomb grossing only $82 million on a $100 million production budget. The plot features a completely new character, Patience Phillips, taking the Catwoman name, and viewing the traditional Catwoman as a historical figure.
2. ELEKTRA (2005)
Watch ELEKTRA (2005) Online Elektra¬†is a 2005 Canadian-American superhero film directed by¬†Rob Bowman. It is a spin-off from the 2003 film¬†Daredevil, starring the Marvel Comics character¬†Elektra¬†Natchios. The story follows Elektra, an assassin whose weapon of choice is a pair of sai. For the screenplay,¬†Zak Penn,¬†Stuart Zicherman¬†and¬†Raven Metzner¬†received “written by” credit.¬†Mark Steven Johnson¬†received credit for “motion picture characters” and¬†Frank Miller¬†for “comic book characters.” Filming started around May 2004 in¬†Vancouver. It was the first superhero film released in 2005, followed by Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, and Sky High.
3. BATMAN & ROBIN (1997)
Watch BATMAN & ROBIN (1997) Online Batman¬†& Robin is a 1997 American superhero¬†film¬†based on the¬†DC Comicscharacter Batman. It is the fourth and final film of Warner Bros.’ initial¬†Batman film series. The film was directed by¬†Joel Schumacher¬†and written by¬†Akiva Goldsman. It stars¬†George Clooney,¬†Chris O’Donnell,¬†Arnold Schwarzenegger,¬†Uma Thurman, and¬†Alicia Silverstone.¬†Batman & Robintells the story of the Dynamic Duo as they attempt to prevent¬†Mr. Freeze¬†and¬†Poison Ivy¬†from freezing all mankind to death and repopulating the earth with mutant plants, while at the same time struggling to keep their partnership together. This is also the only film appearance of¬†Batgirl, who helps the title characters win in the end. Warner Bros. fast tracked development for¬†Batman & Robin¬†following the box office success of the previous film,¬†Batman Forever. Schumacher and Goldsman conceived the storyline during pre-production on A Time to Kill, while Kilmer decided not to reprise the role over scheduling conflicts with The Saint. Schumacher had a strong interest in casting William Baldwin in Kilmer’s place before George Clooney won the role.
4. JONAH JEX (2010)
Watch JONAH KEX (2010) Online Jonah Hex is a 2010 post-Civil War science fiction Western loosely based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, the film is directed by Jimmy Hayward and stars Josh Brolin as the title character, Jonah Hex, and also stars John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender and Megan Fox. The film was released on June 18, 2010.
Watch SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE (1987) Online Superman¬†IV: The Quest for Peace is a 1987 American superhero film directed by¬†Sidney J. Furie. It is the fourth and final film in the original¬†Superman¬†film series. This is the first film in this series not to be produced by Alexander and Ilya Salkind, but by Golan-Globus’s Cannon Films, in association with Warner Bros.¬†Gene Hackman¬†returns as¬†Lex Luthor, who creates an evil Solar-powered¬†Superman¬†clone called¬†Nuclear Man.¬†Superman¬†IV was neither a critical nor a box-office success and critics have put it in the category of worst films ever made. The film was the first American film in the series, the first being a UK/US co-production and the two sequels being entirely British. The series went on hiatus until 2006, when¬†Superman Returns¬†was released, which uses the first two films as backstory while ignoring the events of this film and its predecessor.
6. R.I.P.D. (2013)
Watch R.I.P.D. (2013) Online R.I.P.D. is a 2013 American science fiction action-comedy film starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. Robert Schwentke directed the film based on a screenplay adapted from the comic book Rest in Peace Department by Peter M. Lenkov. The film also stars Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker and Stephanie Szostak. Principal photography was completed on January 28, 2012, and the film was originally set to be released on June 28, 2013 in the United States by Universal Pictures, but was pushed back to July 19, 2013. The film received negative reviews from critics and was a box office bomb.
Watch HOWARD THE DUCK (1986) Online Howard the Duck is a 1986 American science fiction comedy film directed by Willard Huyck and starring Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins, and Jeffrey Jones. Produced by Gloria Katz and George Lucas and written by Huyck and Katz, the screenplay was originally intended to be an animated film based on the Marvel comic book of the same name, but the film adaptation became live action due to a contractual obligation. Although there had been several TV adaptations of Marvel characters during the preceding 21 years, this was the first attempt at a theatrical release since the Captain America serial of 1944. Lucas proposed adapting the surrealist comic book following the production of American Graffiti. After stepping down as the president of Lucasfilm to focus on producing he chose to begin production on the film personally. Following multiple production difficulties and mixed response to test screenings, Howard the Duck was released in theaters on August 1, 1986. Upon its release, the film received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics and was a box office failure, and in later years has been widely acknowledged as one of the worst films ever made.
8. THE SPIRIT (2008)
Watch THE SPIRIT (2008) Online The Spirit is a 2008 American neo-noir superhero film, written and directed by Frank Miller and starring Gabriel Macht, Eva Mendes, Sarah Paulson, Dan Lauria, Paz Vega, Jaime King, Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson. The film is based on the newspaper comic strip The Spirit by Will Eisner. OddLot and Lionsgate produced the film. The Spirit was released in the United States on December 25, 2008, and on DVD and Blu-ray on April 14, 2009. The film was a box office flop and received negative reviews, with critics citing its unnecessary humor, melodramatic acting and style, lack of originality and the divergence from the source material.
Watch GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE (2011) Online Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a 2012 American 3D supernatural superhero¬†film¬†based on the Marvel Comics antihero Ghost Rider. It is a stand-alone sequel to the 2007 film Ghost Rider and features¬†Nicolas Cagereturning to his starring role as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider with supporting roles done by¬†Ciar√°n Hinds,¬†Violante Placido,¬†Johnny Whitworth,¬†Christopher Lambert, and¬†Idris Elba. The film was directed by¬†Mark Neveldine¬†and¬†Brian Taylor, from a screenplay written by¬†David S. Goyer,¬†Scott M. Gimple¬†and¬†Seth Hoffman. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was released in theaters on February 17, 2012. Critical reception was largely negative, with critics criticizing the script and deeming CGI and acting as poor. Despite this, the film was a box office success making over $132 million against its $57 million budget. Despite the film’s box office success, Nicolas Cage has said that he is “done” with the Ghost Rider films. In May 2013, the film rights to Ghost Rider reverted to¬†Marvel Studios, but the studio has no plans to make a Ghost Rider film in the near future.
Watch THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN (2004) Online The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, also promoted as LXG, is a 2003 superhero¬†film¬†loosely based on the first volume of the comic book series The¬†League of Extraordinary Gentlemen¬†by¬†Alan Moore¬†and¬†Kevin O’Neill. It was released on July 11, 2003, in the United States, and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It was directed by¬†Stephen Norrington¬†and starred¬†Sean Connery,¬†Naseeruddin Shah,¬†Peta Wilson,¬†Tony Curran,¬†Stuart Townsend,¬†Shane West,¬†Jason Flemyng, and¬†Richard Roxburgh. It is an¬†action film¬†with prominent pastiche and crossover themes set in the late 19th century, featuring an assortment of fictional literary characters appropriate to the period, who act as Victorian Era superheroes. It draws on the works of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Bram Stoker, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H. Rider Haggard, Ian Fleming, Herman Melville, Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allan Poe, Gaston Leroux, and Mark Twain, albeit all adapted for the film. The film grossed $179,265,204 worldwide at the box office, rental revenue of $48,640,000, and¬†DVD¬†sales as of 2003 at $36,400,000.
11. JUDGE DREDD (1995)
Watch JUDGE DREDD (1995) Online Judge Dredd is a 1995 American science fiction action film directed by Danny Cannon, and starring Sylvester Stallone, Diane Lane, Rob Schneider, Armand Assante, and Max von Sydow. The film is based on the strip of the same name in the British comic 2000 AD. It was a critical and commercial disappointment.
12. SPAWN (1997)
Watch SPAWN (1997) Online Spawn¬†is a 1997 American supernatural superhero¬†film¬†loosely based on the comic book of the same name, by¬†Todd McFarlane¬†and published by Image Comics. Directed and co-written by Mark A.Z. Dipp√©, the film stars¬†Michael Jai White¬†in the leading role. Spawn is an origin story of the character, and begins with Al Simmons, a soldier/assassin who is killed and resurrected as Spawn, a reluctant, demonic leader of Hell’s army. Spawn eventually refuses to lead Hell’s army in the war against Heaven and turns against evil forces all together. The film co-stars¬†John Leguizamo¬†as Clown/The¬†Violator, Al’s demonic guide and the film’s antagonist; and¬†Nicol Williamson¬†as Al’s mentor¬†Cogliostro.¬†Martin Sheen,¬†Theresa Randle,¬†D. B. Sweeney, and¬†Melinda Clarke¬†also star. Spawn was released in the United States on August 1, 1997. It was the first film to feature an African American portraying a major comic book superhero, followed by Steel in the same month on the 15th. This was Williamson’s final film appearance before his death on December 16, 2011.
13. BLADE: TRINITY (2004)
Watch BLADE: TRINITY (2004) Online Blade: Trinity is a 2004 American vampire superhero¬†action film¬†written, produced and directed by¬†David S. Goyer¬†who also wrote the screenplays to¬†Blade¬†and¬†Blade II, and also produced by and starring¬†Wesley Snipes¬†in the title role, loosely based on the Marvel Comics character Blade. It is the third and final¬†film¬†in the Blade film series. The film grossed $128,905,366 at the U.S. box office on a budget of $65 million. The adventures of Blade continue in 2006’s Blade: The Series. This was Wesley Snipes’ last¬†theatrical releasefilm until 2009’s Brooklyn’s Finest.
Watch FANTASTIC FOUR (2005) Online Fantastic Four is a 2005 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name. It was directed by Tim Story, and released by 20th Century Fox. It is the second live-action Fantastic Four film to be filmed. A previous attempt, titled The Fantastic Four, was a B-movie produced by Roger Corman that ultimately went unreleased. Fantastic Four was released in the United States on July 8, 2005. Despite being a box-office success, the film was negatively received by critics, being criticized for its plot and its lack of originality. A sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, was released in 2007.
15. GREEN LANTERN (2011)
Watch GREEN LANTERN (2011) Online Green Lantern is a 2011 action fantasy film written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim and directed by Martin Campbell.

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