5 Free War Movies to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

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OVGuide would like to honor and remember those who died in active military service. In celebration of Memorial Day Weekend OVGuide has put together a list of our Top 5 Free War Movies. Check them out below.

5 Free Movies To Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me 
As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me Based on the true story and a bestselling novel, this powerful epic captures the incredible journey of German soldier Clemens Forell in his dramatic escape from a Siberian labor camp after World War II. Through bitter cold winters, desolate landscapes, and life threatening adventures, Forell – determined to be reunited with his beloved family – makes his way, step by step, day by day, towards freedom. 8,000 miles and three endless years of uncertainty later, he is finally about to reach his destination. An edge of your seat drama that celebrates the power of the human spirit and the force of will, when inspired and empowered, by love.
Cathedral Park
Cathedral Park Vai’s parents, Basti and Miora, risked everything to escape their small, war torn country of Otisia and give their unborn child a better life. With her friend Katie they begin making their own documentary to try and unravel what happened. This sets off a chain of events that bend the lines between the old world and the new and blur reality from fiction.
Line in The Sand
Line in the Sand
Set in the present-day Iraq war, this tense and gripping drama unfolds as two US Marines find themselves stranded and alone in the desert after their unit is all but destroyed in a routine mission.
Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound
A soldier, paralyzed with PTSD, encounters the now-grown child of parents he killed. (Or perhaps not.) What follows? Martyrdom. Torture. Torment. Revenge. Castigation. Catharsis. Guilt. Atonement. And maybe, ultimately, redemption.
Battle for Haditha
Battle for Haditha This harrowing drama investigates the massacre of 24 unarmed men, women and children in Haditha, Iraq, allegedly shot by 4 U.S. Marines in retaliation for the death of a marine by a roadside bomb.  
 If you are in the mood to watch more war movies, check out our War Warehouse Channel.Take a step into our War Warehouse time capsule and expand your mind by watching historic FREE MOVIES covering hundreds of war movies and documentaries. War Warehouse guides you through bloody and unforgiving landmark wars, strict military leaders, and various weaponry. By the way, we are talking serious weaponry here, the weapons that could take out an entire country!

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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Promises Us “The Great War”

July 16, is the day marked in all of our calendars this year when we finally get to start watching Game Of Thrones, Season 7. Yesterday, HBO released the first trailer of the season, and it showed this season was going to be everything fans have been hoping for. In the words of resurrected Jon Snow… the great war is here. As if there haven’t been any monumental and thrilling battles already.

The story picks up where it left off, Cersei Lannister sits upon the iron throne, prepared to defeat anyone who stands in her and Jamie’s way. Meanwhile, Daenerys and Tyrion are on their way to Westeros, dragons in tow, and Jon Snow and Sansa are busy trying to hold the North together. The wildlings beyond the war are having to face the winter they knew was coming, and we all know this means White Walkers are coming. All we know, if we can’t WAIT for this season to air. It looks like it’s going to be one amazing rollercoaster! Enjoy the trailer below in the meantime.


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New Stephen King Adaptation of “It” Trailer Debuts Today

New Line Cinema has released a new trailer today for their upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel, It. The movie revolves around a town, Derry in Maine, haunted by a mysterious creature. When children begin to disappear, a group of young kids face their biggest fears against the evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.

Set to release to theaters September 8, the movie is directed by Andres Muschietti and stars Bill Skarsgard who is known for his role in Hemlock Grove. Reportedly, Stephen King has already viewed the movie and is pleased with the adaptation. Enjoy this trailer while you wait for the real thing. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have to bring a pillow to hide behind if I see this one in theaters!

Check out the trailer below





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90s Cult TV Classic ‘Twin Peaks’ Returns on Showtime

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The original Twin Peaks first aired in 1990 on ABC and gained a dedicated an loyal audience. ‘Twin Peaks’ premiere brought in nearly 35 million viewers, but only went on for two seasons. The series was set in a small Washington state town of Twin Peaks and focused on FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper investigation on the town. Agent Cooper was called to investigate a woman’s death, as it was found washed up on a beach near the small town. Throughout the investigation Cooper uncovers a web of mystery that ultimately leads him deep into the heart of the surrounding woodland and his very own soul.


(Twin Peaks Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 Revival)


Although the show ended the second season in 1991, Showtime Networks decided to bring the show back more than 25 years later. Some things about the series won’t change because the original ‘Twin Peaks’ co-creator David Lynch is back to write and produce the revival. The production also returned to shoot in Washington, the fictional setting and actual shooting location of the original ‘Twin Peaks’.  Original cast members will also be coming back including Madchen Amick, Peggy Lipton, the late Miguel Ferrer, Kimmy Robertson, Harry Goaz and Michael Horse. Yet, there are plenty of new big stars that will join the cast such as Michael Cera, Jim Belushi, Laura Dern, Amanda Seyfried and many other newcomers.


The 2017 version of Twin Peaks returned to the small screen over the weekend and only brought in 506,000 viewers. This is definitely a major difference from the 35 million viewers attracted to the show in the 90s. In the world we live in today there are tons of TV shows that focus crime, horror, mystery and investigation. The question is will the new Twin Peaks remain a Cult TV Classic? Only time will tell, and the revival series has a total of 18 hours for the first season.


Check out the trailer for Twin Peaks Revival below





If you enjoyed the trailer, catch Twin Peaks Sundays 9pm ET/PT on Showtime!


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‘Alien: Covenant’ lands over ‘Guardians’ for No. 1 Box Office Spot


Alien: Covenant‘ came out as #1 at the weekend box office, but only beat out #2 Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol 2 by almost $1 million in its third week of release. It’s always good to be #1 at the weekend box office, but $35 million for a highly anticipated movie like Alien Covenant is not that great. In the comparison of two films that are based on outer-space, Guardians is still coming out stronger than Alien. Alien is a very dark and scary R-rated film, while Guardians shows a much lighter and funnier PG-13 version of the cosmos.


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Alien: Covenant tells the story of a crew bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. While on their adventure the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise. As their new world begins to reveal itself it shows that there is no trails of paradise in sight. What they think is a happy place is actually a dark, dangerous world that turns the world as the know it upside down. The sole inhabitant is the “synthetic” David, survivor of a doomed expedition. The mysterious world turns deadly when a hostile alien life-form forces the crew into a deadly fight for survival.

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The film stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Jussie Smollett and Demian Bichir.

Check out the trailer below. If you love Aliens or anything Sci-Fi, go check out Alien: Covenant at your local theater.



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Free Sci-Fi Movies to watch this weekend!


Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles


If you want to watch a free movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat ‘Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles‘ is a good choice. Cloned is a movie that combines drama, sci-fi and thriller genres to help viewers experience what it feels like to be fight for your life. In the movie a group of teenagers stumble upon a secret lab, that holds top secret information. In the secret lab there are exact copies, duplicates of themselves. These aren’t just your ordinary clones, because they are far more superior than the originals. The teenagers have to decide to if they should kill the clones, or else they may replace them forever. Will the teenagers make the right decision?

Check out Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles to find out for yourself.

Free Movies Similar to Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles

The Blackout

The Blackout
A young expecting couple, four rebellious teenagers and a lone survival expert are confronted by a worldwide blackout that forces them to survive as society breaks apart around them.
Children Of A Darker Dawn
Children of A Darker Dawn A doomsday virus of madness and death has destroyed the world’s adult population. Only the young survive. They watch in horror as their parents go mad and die. Haunted by terrifying memories, they fight for life in a bleak wasteland. Gangs of teens and outlaw children roam the scarred landscape. Sisters Evie and Fran keep to themselves, two outsiders gathering food and moving from town to town

If you are in the mood to watch more Sci-Fi movies, check out our Sci-Fi Station Channel.Watch thousands of FREE Sci-Fi Movies starring your favorite actors. Whether you want to sit down for an Alien Romance Movie or you want to watch a good Spaceship Action Film, you can find them all on this Sci-Fi Station Channel powered by OVGuide. Content updated DAILY and always free!


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Action Packed “Star Trek: Discovery” Trailer Debuted Yesterday

Star Trek: Discovery was first announced to be in the works by CBS in 2015, and the only teaser that has been released since then was during last years San Diego comic-con. To say fans have been dying impatient for it’s release would be an understatement. The series has sustained multiple roadblocks including losing its showrunner, Bryan Fuller due to his workload with Starz’s American Gods, and being delayed multiple times throughout the year. We can only hope that the time it has taken to produce the series will ensure it to be a huge success!

In good news, the season order has been expanded from 13 episodes to 15, and the sixth episode is currently being shot. Meanwhile, CBS has also green-lit another Star Trek centered show to go alongside Discovery called Talking Trek. 

Until now, much has been unknown about the CBS series, but the trailer shows us quite a few details. Check it out below. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a firm release date yet, all we know is that the show will be coming this fall. The wait isn’t over, but enjoy the trailer in the meantime Star Trek fans!


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‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Trailer Debuts Day After Megan Fox’s Birthday

The release of the trailer for up and coming transformers movie Transformers: The Last Knight came out the day after the one and only Megan Fox’s birthday. Happy belated birthday Megan!

So, we’re taking a moment to remember Fox’s role in the franchise at the beginning. in 2007, Fox was cast alongside Shia LaBeouf in first blockbuster hit Transformers as romantic lead Mikaela Banes. This was perhaps her biggest break. Fox reprised her role as Mikaela Banes in the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that released in 2009. Both movies were box office successes and although she signed on to do the third installment too, she later left to project. I think we’ll all remember her when LaBeouf was awkwardly trying to get noticed by her and “pick her up” with his new unruly yellow mustang, a.k.a. Bumblebee!

The new movie is set to release June 21, 2017 – let the hype begin. The Last Knight is based around the idea that humans are at war with the Transformers, and Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving the future lies buried in the secrets of the past and the hidden history of the Transformers on Earth. It is up to Cade Yeager, Bumblebee, an English lord, and an Oxford professor to save the world. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, and Laura Haddock. Check out the official trailer below. We’ve also included the teaser the released yesterday!


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Returning CBS & FOX TV Shows Fall 2017

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The new dates for some of your favorite returning CBS & FOX TV Shows have been announced and of course OVGuide is here to relay the information. This summer you’ll be out having a good time enjoying the outdoors, but when fall creeps around the corner you’ll thank us for knowing when your favorite TV Shows comes back on. Check out the dates below.

Returning TV Shows Fall 2017


1. The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory 9/19/17
2. Kevin Can Wait
Kevin Can Wait  9/19/17
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4.Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 9/23/17
 5. Elementary
Elementary 10/02/17
6. Madam Secretary
 7. 2 Broke Girls 
2 Broke Girls 10/02/17


 1.New Girl 
New Girl 09/20/17
2. Scream Queens
Scream Queens 09/20/17
3. How To Get Away With Murder 
How to Get Away with Murder 09/22/17
4. Star  
Star Weds at 9pm Date TBA


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‘Snatched’ grabs $17.5M at Mother’s Day Weekend Box Office

Fox’s Snatched came #2 to Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 over the Mother’s Day Weekend Box Office. Over the weekend, the movie brought in $17.5 million and holds the spot as the only new comedy out in theaters. The Mother’s Day Weekend release was a great strategy as the film is about a unique situation between a mother and daughter.


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After a bad breakup Emily, a spontaneous woman in her 30s, persuades her ultra-cautious mom to accompany her on a vacation to Ecuador. At Emily’s insistence, the pair seek out adventure, but suddenly find themselves kidnapped. When these two very different women are trapped on this wild journey, their bond as mother and daughter is tested and strengthened while they attempt to navigate the jungle and escape.

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The comedy stars Amy SchumerGoldie HawnWanda Sykes and Ike Barinholtz.

Check out the trailer below

If you’re in to watch a good comedy, go catch the movie at your local theater


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